Our Management Team

Our finance professionals have created and implemented a multitude of innovative financing plans to meet individual needs. Our comprehensive experience gives us the significant and diverse knowledge to help with your difficult financing needs. We create financial solutions tailored to each customer’s unique requirements.

Nasir el-Assaf

Chief Executive Officer

Nasir el-Assaf has broad experience in finance, actively sourcing and identifying investment opportunities, and negotiating, structuring and re-structuring investment transactions with emerging growth public companies. His responsibilities include implementation of trading strategies as well directing trading in portfolio securities. Nasir has negotiated and worked on numerous mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, venture capital, private equity, re-structuring and other capital market activities. His experience includes many forms of active investing as well as negotiating transactions involving common stock, debt and/or preferred instruments or combinations thereof, including novel warrant structures. He has actively worked with executives and boards of companies on corporate governance and oversight, strategic repositioning and alignment of interests with shareholders. Nasir has guided and overseen over 650+ investment transactions, whether as lead, co-lead, or syndicate investor. Nasir el-Assaf’s vast networks of relationships have consistently provided the Fund with excellent investment opportunities.

Latif Ahsan

Investment Manager

Latif Ahsan supports KMS Holding Company WLL operations by maintaining accounting and administrative systems. He supervises office services which include the preparation of company investments, client records and accounting reports. He implements standards and procedures for company policies and designs office systems, layouts and equipment procurement and maintenance. Latif Ahsan is also responsible for day to day running of the company activities.

Bashir Mahmud

Investment Director

Bashir Mahmudoversees the negotiation, documentation, and closing of investment transactions, monitors compliance with investment terms and securities regulations, supervises portfolio activity and operations, and manages the activity of outside counsel. Bashir Mahmud has overseen the negotiation and documentation of over 450 financing transactions utilizing various investment structures and instruments including common stock, preferred stock, convertible debt instruments and warrants. Bashir Mahmud has also worked on numerous restructurings, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and private equity financings. He is responsible for sourcing and analyzing new investment opportunities, performing fund valuations and other portfolio accounting duties, securities trading and portfolio management.

Rashin bin Mansour

Communication Director

Rashin bin Mansour, communications role is strategic and has a heavy emphasis on brand management. He is responsible for managing all communications plan activities and building external relationships with the organization's constituencies, including funders and the media. He is also responsible for overseeing media relations, including writing and distributing news releases, responding to media inquiries and maintaining a media kit about our company.

Faheem Abdallah

Investment Director

As one of our Investment Director Faheem Abdallah specialize in managing our organization's investment assets, such as real estate holdings, fixed income, and equity securities. He is also responsible for creating overall investment goals and strategies and implementing work processes; collaborating with personnel like investment officers; and, analyzing vendor service agreements for contract stipulations and services covered and making recommendations on any necessary changes. Faheem Abdallah analyzes the performance of a variety of investments, such as mutual funds, stocks, and bonds.

Mohammed Muzaffar

Senior Consultant

Mohammed Muzaffar joined KMS Holding Company WLL in June 2011 and currently responsible for overseeing the Finance, Treasury and External Portfolio functions. Mohammed Muzaffar is responsible for implementing effective financial policies and controls, financial reporting to relevant stakeholders in addition to developing, implementing and managing an optimal capital structures that effectively meets short term liquidity needs and long term strategic objectives. Mohammed Muzaffar has been integrally involved in several KMS Holding Company WLL investments in the Oil & Gas, Consumer, Renewable Energy, Mining and engineering industries. Mohammed Muzaffar is actively involved in both deal execution and portfolio management–where he focuses on value creation and performance improvement for the firm. In this role, Mohammed Muzaffar has broad and deep experience to focus on accelerating the company's business growth in all markets