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Leading Investment

We seek to be a leading and global Investment services company in the Middle East by providing exceptional and innovative products and services that provide strong growth for our customers. We also pledge to provide the right investment opportunities, with an emphasis on providing the best protection to be the first choice for investors. As one of Bahrain’s premier Investment Banking Services, Asset Management and Wealth Management companies, KMS Holding Company WLL enjoys the confidence of investors and elevates their aspirations for the future.

KMS Holding Company WLL offers the full spectrum of investment services both conventional and Shariah-compliant, to all client categories including private & institutional investors. Should you be looking for brokerage, asset management or corporate/advisory services, you can be confident that we will strive to provide you with the personalized service that you need. KMS Holding Company WLL offers various funds that fit the investment goals of each customer; our money management skills have been highly acclaimed through professional awards given by independent third parties. We also advise corporate clients in areas of initial public offerings (IPOs), mergers & acquisitions (M&As), complex restructurings, and underwrites transactions that come to market.

Our business lines are Investment funding, Asset Management, and Principal Investments which focuses on Real Estate, Credit, and Equity Investments; all supported by a dedicated Client Coverage and Distribution team. KMS Holding Company WLL prides itself on its long journey in the financial sector. However, as the world changes so must we. With our complete relaunch in 2008, we aim to venture beyond the financial sector and serve Bahrain’s business community at large. Through our technology, our vision is to transform the sectors we serve. In addition to the very latest business news, market analysis, and a variety of market intelligence tools, KMS Holding Company WLL offers low latency stock market data feed, offering decision-makers, experienced investors, and novice investors a comprehensive one-stop source of information at the tips of their fingers. KMS Holding Company WLL prides itself on its independent, investment-focused voice. We unleash the power of technology and information to bring clarity to a complex market. We know our business and we get to know yours too. Whether you are a retail or institutional investor, we tailor our services around your needs.

KMS Holding Company WLL believes that an investment approach focused on smaller capitalized companies is the best way to identify and seek to profit from undiscovered deep value investment opportunities. We find these opportunities among companies we believe to be "under-valued" or "under-resourced," such as early stage development companies with growth potential, where the various stages of the business cycle provide a range of investment opportunities. The value of these companies may significantly appreciate as a result of changes in management, governance, strategy or corporate and/or financial restructuring.

Our three-pronged strategy (activist/pre-IPO/PIPEs) provides both diversification and the ability to concentrate the portfolio's investments where the best deep value opportunities may appear. We pursue deep value investment opportunities where, through our in-house research, we believe that there is the potential for noticeable appreciation over a 12- or 24-month period. We use an internally developed protocol to analyze the attractiveness of target companies, which includes examining the strength of the company as a whole and evaluating the areas for improvement and growth, as well as considering the particular deal terms that may be included or negotiated to help promote a positive outcome. We believe that the depth of experience and expertise of our portfolio manager as an investor in private equity and structured transactions, supplemented by the efforts of an investment team which has worked together for over two decades, is both a competitive advantage and a requisite for properly evaluating and pursuing activist, late stage pre-IPO and PIPE investment opportunities.