Investors Relations

Our leadership teams across the company globally have created a multi-phased return-to-office plan. The health and safety of our workforce is paramount in our planning. We continue to follow the guidance of the local and national governments in the geographies in which we operate as we assess our situation. We prioritized operations and development teams that we believe will benefit from the in-office environment.

Our operational integrity remains, and we are confident that our current technology infrastructure and contingency plans will enable us to maintain the integrity of our operations and services, as well as our high standards for client service. Our company seeks to deliver high quality, actively managed investment services to institutional clients around the world through a diversified, multi-boutique framework. Our partnership approach aligns our interests with those of our Affiliates to engage in strategic initiatives that can accelerate the growth of their businesses. The disciplined execution of this strategy has generated strong long-term results, including growth in assets under management, revenue, economic net income and operating margins. We use our recurring free cash flow to seek continued growth through additional investments in our business, including collaborative growth initiatives with existing Affiliates, expanded global distribution capabilities, and new partnerships with high-quality independent asset managers.

We seek to expand our Affiliates' number of clients through our complementary Global Distribution platform, which focuses on serving clients in channels and jurisdictions that can benefit from scale resources. We also support our Affiliates in their efforts to provide superior investment performance in a framework of the highest quality fiduciary standards. As always, the way we build long-term relationships with our Affiliates' current and future clients is to communicate with them in an open, honest way. A central theme in the investment landscape in recent years has been the growing focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors and how they can influence or affect investment decisions. We at KMS Holding Company WLL have been working with our Affiliates to ensure they have the appropriate resources to respond to their clients' needs on ESG, while leaving the integration of ESG factors in the investment process up to each Affiliate, consistent with their individual view of ESG and the needs of their clients. We believe it is important to recognize that ESG factors can be integrated differently depending on the asset class, investment process and client guidelines of each Affiliate. We understand that we have a broader responsibility to strengthen the society of which we are part. Our long-term success is closely connected to being part of our local communities. We support these communities through both financial support and volunteering our time, skills, and expertise.

We believe incorporating material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment decisions enhances our investment framework including financial analysis, qualitative assessments, valuations, modelling and engagement with investee companies.