CEO's Message

As an investment service provider our services are delivered by a team of industry experts. Our products are all designed with one main objective; to preserve and grow our investor’s capital and provide financial stability for institutional and individual investors. Our strategy, as a trusted company is to create shareholder value by building sustainable earnings with growth for our investors. The wealth management solutions we provide have a strong focus on risk mitigation.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure our client’s, long term prosperity, in line with their financial goals. All our client interactions have been optimized to deliver personalized attention. We carry out a risk assessment, that determines our client’s tolerance toward risks. As a prudent investment experts we commit to the highest standards of risk-management in all investments and we use modern tools to ensure we are operating in a safe and sustainable manner. KMS Holding Company WLL favors consenting activist investment opportunities, but will pursue aggressive activist investing in particular cases. In situations where management has repeatedly failed to execute on a business plan or make the desired improvements to the company's corporate governance, or there are signs that management may have internal conflicts of interest or are taking actions that have a detrimental impact on the company's operations or performance, KMS Holding Company WLL shall seek to implement the desired improvements through ongoing discussions with management. At times, when progress is not made through these discussions, KMS Holding Company WLL may often seek to take other actions, such as seeking board representation or calling a special shareholder meeting.

Our business lines are Investment funding, Asset Management, and Principal Investments which focuses on Real Estate, Credit, and Equity Investments; all supported by a dedicated Client Coverage and Distribution team. KMS Holding Company WLL prides itself on its long journey in the financial sector. However, as the world changes so must we. With our complete relaunch in 2008, we aim to venture beyond the financial sector and serve Bahrain’s business community at large. Through our technology, our vision is to transform the sectors we serve. In addition to the very latest business news, market analysis, and a variety of market intelligence tools, KMS Holding Company WLL offers low latency stock market data feed, offering decision-makers, experienced investors, and novice investors a comprehensive one-stop source of information at the tips of their fingers. KMS Holding Company WLL prides itself on its independent, investment-focused voice. We unleash the power of technology and information to bring clarity to a complex market. We know our business and we get to know yours too. Whether you are a retail or institutional investor, we tailor our services around your needs.

Late stage pre-IPO private equity allocations are made with the intention of profiting from a post-IPO sale of the holding, rather than planning for it to be a buy and hold long-term (i.e. 2 years+) investment. PIPE investments are made in cases where there are catalysts or the potential for catalysts (i.e. completion of later phases of drug trials) occurring in the near future (i.e. 6 to 12 months) to propel the stock forward and the pricing of securities is at a discount to market value at the time of investment. These transactions are often structured to include provisions designed to protect against loss of principal and minimize risk.

We believe that the depth of experience and expertise of our portfolio manager as an investor in private equity and structured transactions, supplemented by the efforts of an investment team which has worked together for over two decades, is both a competitive advantage and a requisite for properly evaluating and pursuing activist, late stage pre-IPO and PIPE investment opportunities. We have grown to become one of the largest investment company in the country through sound financial management, a talented human resource pool, and the ability to create and avail ourselves of business opportunities that are in line with our policies and strategies. We are optimistic that given the strength and reputation of our company and the confidence that the public have in us our finance business will be able to compete successfully with our business rivals. We are confident that with time our finance business will grow. We will ensure that as our finance business grows the benefits will be enjoyed by the wider business community and in the long run will contribute towards the economic development of the country at large.

Nasir el-Assaf

Chief Executive Officer